About Our Planners

We are excited to introduce our new planner line, designed with the goal to encourage women daily in our identity in Christ, help us successfully own our time vs. being owned by it (so that we can invest our time in what is most important), and stay true to our calling to proclaim God’s praises to future generations.  The Abigail Planner includes 5 Scripture reference pages at the beginning, monthly calendars, and repeats of 8 weekly pages for 6 months. The weekly pages are: weekly calendar, weekly menu planning, weekly cleaning, weekly to-do list, weekly budget, and weekly devotional records pages.  This is for women who want one handy planner.  It is just adorable and we know you’ll love it!


20140529-DSC_045120140529-DSC_045520140529-DSC_043720140529-DSC_04383 Abigail finding God in scripture


You can purchase one today at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DiademPlanners

Two notes of explanation for using the Abigail…
In your weekly devotion pages, we have spaces for you to choose a character of God and an identity in Christ.  Use your references pages (at the beginning of the book) to choose one.  Make these the meditation of your heart that week.
The line that says “Most important”… I have found that, many times, as a mom of tinies, I get to the end of the day and feel tempted to say, “I accomplished nothing!” Meaning, I didn’t get anything extra done.  I just tried to do laundry and make dinner and pick up one mess and then the next mess that someone small made when I was picking up the first mess… maybe you relate.  I believe God showed me one evening when I was discouraged about this that, first of all, what I am doing is accomplishing MUCH even if it does look different than the daily tangible measurable accomplishments of an earlier season of my life.  But also, daily (or weekly) have a “most important” goal… “Hug Lizzy more.” or “Play escaping from the bear with Nicky.” etc.  Something seemingly small, but the “most important” thing.  If that’s all I accomplish in a day, I can get to the end of that day and know that I did accomplish the most important thing.  This was a good day.  If I get to the end of the day and realize I never did my most important thing, then that causes me to re-evaluate things and seek to do better the next day.

The pages titled “Tell of His greatness”  Keeping in mind God’s calling to proclaim His praises to the next generation, in the weekly devotion pages there is a small section for you to write a quick sentence or two of something God has done that day.  Use this as a tiny journal where you can record God’s praise for the generations to follow.


The Elizabeth Planners are looseleaf customizable for your exact needs.  We expect these to go to print in 2015.


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