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Jodie and Kathryn’s Stories…

Kathryn’s Story…

When we learned we were pregnant with our second child (a miracle! This tells about our first child http://kathrynritchie.org/?m=201111)s job, on the road more than at home, and we were in serious need of stability and schedule. Feeling desperate for order, and really believing that this could be accomplished even though it would be a major adjustment, and also believing as a Christian I am called to create order in my life and home, I set about on this goal. However, as I tried various ideas for getting put together on this, I was trying a scattered array of things and nothing was really working. The ones out there didn’t fully apply to me as a stay-at home-mom of littles. I don’t have a 9 to 5 work schedule anymore (mommyhood = 24/7).  I didn’t need a big chunky planner with things I never (time zone charts? address book pages?  seriously?).  Additionally, we have other things which need to be our focuses and these aren’t included in the normal planner. One night while washing my hair (moms have the best ideas then because it is our few minutes a day when it is quiet, just us and the shampoo!) it all came together. I finally realized I needed to organize my own planner system based on my values and needs as a Christian wife and mom of children. I needed a planner that would help me revolve my day and life around my greatest goal of glorifying the Lord and proclaiming His works and ways to the next generation. And so came about Diadem Planners.

Our Planners are special, they don’t just help us with our to-do lists. They assist us in our way of life, taking time captive so we can invest it for God’s Greatest Glory.As I have organized my life around the “my values” focus of the Elizabeth planner (which we expect to publish in 2015), I have gained more direction in designing my daily schedule in a way that works best for me and my children. No longer am I so overwhelmed at the whirlwind of messes and busy little feet running around. Instead I am so much more enjoying these years of little children because I’m not feeling as scattered and pulled in too many directions. I am more peaceful and more productive in what matters most to me. My prayer is that these planners will help and encourage you, too, as you walk each of your days with our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Jodie’s Story…

When my husband and I first got engaged nearly ten years ago, I was in the process of finishing my Bachelor’s degree AND planning our wedding. I wrote in my weekly planner multiple times a day and would have been LOST without that planner!!! Once we got married, my husband realized that his new wife left lists of to-do’s, schedules, appointment reminders, and many more lists all over the house on any piece of paper I could find to scribble my thoughts and reminders on. While my addiction to lists never went away, my need for a better organized system grew. By the time we started having children, I realized I needed a much better system for my attempt to organize the beautiful chaos all around us, and along with Kathryn, recognized my need to DAILY thank my Lord for each moment He has blessed us with, and call on Him to create order out of our chaos. Like Kathryn, I’ve been searching for years for a planner or journal that meets my needs and the needs of our growing family, focus on the important aspects of being a wife and mother, but most importantly, a daughter of the King. You can learn more about my family and our {newest part of our} journey at our family’s website, www.ourchloeelizabeth.blogspot.com.


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